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I'm in the business of capturing the big kind of love.  The kind that sets you on fire and makes you want to live better. Love that makes you do everything you can to embrace the next adventure with an awesome companion.


In fact, my motto is: Love big. Stay wild.

My clients love hand crafted things and have patience for the time it takes to do meaningful work. They desire artwork that can stand the test of time. They value the meaning of marriage, the inspiration of wild places and the beauty that grows with an investment in love and the reflection it brings.


The end product of my efforts is heirloom quality artwork to display in your home and remind not just you - but your family and friends - of what your union means. I don’t do this to  hand over a thousand JPEG files on a USB that you’ll lose in a junk drawer. Your photos are too precious to be treated that way.


I believe real beauty is honest and enduring. Elegance is something that transcends the passage of time and the way you look. It's a vibe, a sense, a moment, an intention. I want to capture THAT - the thing that's hard for everyone to put their finger on but is somehow compelling. I want to capture you and the chemistry of your life.


I draw my inspiration the intimate storylines of journalism and the wildness of nature. I want your story to stand the test of time regardless of what the fashion of the day is. 


My mission is that together, we can make a visual legacy that will be treasured by you and your family for generations to come. 


From the tops of glaciers to rustic chapels and humble new beginnings, I walk with people through some of the most important decisions and life events they will ever experience. It is a calling I have taken to heart with love and gratitude. 

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Fill out the questionnaire below so I can start on a custom estimate for you.  A consult is advised for a custom estimate which takes your needs into account. Let's chat and try to make it work for you.

Weddings start at $3,000

Elopements start at $2,000

Engagement, Bridal and Boudoir sessions start at $500

To find out about availability and what rates include fill out our booking inquiry form.

Tell your love story fearlessly. We will do what it takes to get the shots that bring back all the genuine memories from the day.


Outside of Alaska? No problem. I love to travel. I do everything I can to make it possible for out of state clients to make it happen.


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