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Love Big.

This is my first blog post in wedding world. I've put it off for a long time since one of my other jobs is writing. Specifically writing about the opposite of weddings and union: Life free-ranging in the mountains. Life self absorbed, searching for happiness in the wilderness. I write about endeavors involving focus on pursuit of personal enrichment and exploration. The solo artistry of wilderness skills and observation from wild places. It's a good thing, but not everything.

One day I realized that I could reconcile my two worlds which stood separate for so long. It is okay to love the beautiful things that humanity is capable of, just as much as the beauty of nature. In fact why not put them together shamelessly and seamlessly.

Love between two people is a reflection of love in the world around us. Nothing in the human experience can compare to love and the way it makes us grow and respond to the world anew every day.

If we let it.

We are reborn, in a sense, through love. It seems reasonable we would like to document this marvel through imagery to remember it's roll and evolution in our lives.

After a long time wondering where I fit into the mix of wedding photography and reverence for the wilderness I realized I am here in service to love. Selfishly and selflessly. To let this artwork be one of the biggest reminders we have to love big and be wild.

So here we have wild places and open hearts coming together to make something bigger than just an individual life and perspective. That's what my work is working on.


I present to you Jen and Greg. Two people that have the brand of love that knows what it wants and runs out into the world to get it.

They asked me to shoot their wedding the week before my own wedding. I had blocked my schedule out for that date but I just couldn't say no. (That was crazy by the way, but thank goodness for Amanda Crow who saved the day as my assistant!). Ultimately, I'm so glad I crumbled, because this wedding was something to be remembered. They even rallied up to Hatcher Pass on one of the very few glorious days we had for some late evening shots which totally sealed the deal for epic photos. That's the kind of magic it takes to get great photos. Folks who are willing to go the extra mile and try something different. And you know what, love pushes us to do that in all sorts of ways. I'm so glad I got to be a part of this day. Thanks Jen and Greg! XOXO

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