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Why Bother With Engagement Photos?

Photographers are here to help keep at least some memories in your life tangible and sacred. That's the main reason to get engagement photos (or really any photos). It's something that Facebook, Instagram, shots saved on your fritzing out iPhone, plus all the random stored files on ancient hard drives just can't do for you.

Good photography is a palpable art that represents you. It is a finished product and a story. Ideally you hold it in your hands and look at it often. It travels with you through the years, your homes and all the phases of your life that you thought you'd never pass through. It sits somewhere in your house to be viewed, shared and to be proud of.

Your engagement is a unique time before taking the leap into marriage. And marriage is a big change, you guys. I mean, I hope it's a big change in all the sweet commitment related kind of ways. Otherwise why bother?

Photography documents the moments in your life leading up to a major yes. Your 100% love. Your 100% in-it-to-win-it moment.

In life hold those things tight that make you leap forward. Take note. Document them. Be open to what you learn from it all.

What I want most is for you to look at your pictures and remind yourself of what you wanted and where you're headed. It's not about clinging to a past. It's not only about save the dates and foil pressed invitations. It's also about meaning, adventure and growing.

Here's Nicole and Dan. They snagged one of my 2-hour engagement shoots and we made the most of the day. It started with a few rays of sunshine and worked up to a drizzle at the foot of Hatcher Pass. Once we cleared a serious fog bank and impending weather doom, the snow moved in, fog lifted and we got some GORGEOUS shots with tundra and fresh snow falling.

Sometimes we just have to embrace the weather. With a little patience, in those moments you can almost guarantee we will make something unforgettable.

Congrats N + D!



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