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Renegade Bride.

It can be hard to keep your own vision in focus. Everyone adds their two cents about flowers, dresses, finances, order of the day, the color and cut of your wedding dress, the kind of cake and even where to do the dang thing.

It takes some courage to say THIS IS WHAT I WANT. Not in a bridezilla kind of way. Most simply put, I mean executing the important aspects of your vision. It means wearing the emerald wedding dress. Climbing the mountain. Messing up your hair (or not) and running with the day. People will question you every step of the way. Consider their opinions because they probably love you. Then do your thing and don't look back. Be a renegade. Make it meaningful.


Miriam and Jon got married in true renegade style on Bird Point outside of Girdwood. A smart choice for a small wedding. Bird point is a public landmark located on the shores of the Turnagain Arm with epic views of the Chugach Mountains. From there you can watch as weather rolls through with dramatic gusts of wind, and the bore tide rips through the arm - sometimes with surfers riding the length of the wave.

Before the ceremony Miriam and Jon prepped at Alyeska and rode the tram to the top of the mountain for a truly memorable first look. The backdrop was nothing but mountains and glaciers. It was the kind of place a king prepares to meet his queen. Old world. Gorgeous. Inspiring. There was raw power in the air.

After the first look we rallied down to Bird Point to do the ceremony. Jon's dad was the officiant and the ceremony was nothing short of profound and tear-filled. The wind howled as weather rolled in. The experience felt so honest, so full of the power of prayer and love. I was choking back tears so that I could focus to get the job done.

Post-ceremony we scampered down to the ocean for some extremely windy photos of just Jon and Miriam which really brought out some authentic joy and excitement. Something about the wind, being a little bit renegade, enduring the weather and letting everything get blown around drew out the beauty of the moment and the love these two shared. Pure magic.

Congrats Jon and Miriam!

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